Theory of Everything (part 2)

(part 1)

Justice. When Josh of Nazareth says that the first of two commandments is to love God, it means first to love the good, to love justice and charity, to stand up for the right when there is wrong. You must first know of how you must love to follow in the second of His two commandments, to love your neighbor as yourself. That is to be a Godly love, as we imagine how it would be a God who is Himself love would have of us do. Compromise elsewhere.

Against the Devil, Satan, Lucifer: in the service of Kyrios, I fought in the War in Heaven. In fact, I saw the War in Heaven end, and some of the party they were having then in New Jerusalem. Time is strange. Spirit is stranger. The defining moment of the War, at least for me, was the actual Fall of Satan from the heights, down into the earth—but I saw this happen several times, from different angles, different time frames, with my participation and without. This, for a one-time occurrence of epic proportions; Biblical, I suppose, might be a better descriptor. They don’t all align, they don’t all match up against each other precisely. A dream I had, for example, for some reason I let loose a swarm of evil, descending, then I heard Michael the Archangel tell me he’d take care of them, and I saw him go down after. Later it was revealed that Satan had made me think I had done something wrong, that those were the evil angels being cast from Heaven, and Michael following after was him casting Satan from the upper realm. I had nothing to do with it, just an observer. A witness.

I had another, closer experience, where Satan was a black mass in a hold by St. Michael. I had a job to do then, mentally to cut the last tether Satan had to Heaven. I didn’t see the other angels with that view, but it was the second most intense vision I had ever beheld. I heard Satan howl, “Nooooooooo!” as he went down. Then there was another view where Michael and his angels all had seized Satan and his angels, and I was given a piece of psychic ammunition by something like the spirit of nature (no, we’re not Wiccan, she was Christian, in fact, and in Revelation), and when I tried to sort out just what that was, Michael shouted, “Do it! Do it now!”, and I shoved it through my mind to shoot it at them. When I did, immediately, Michael and Satan plus the central group around them just dropped through the floor. And they were gone in a rush.

Apparently, the Accounting had a singular value in the debit pile. But as you cannot step into the same river twice (the second time it is not the same river, and it is not the same you), this Accounting showed itself as per how I were ready to see it, as circumstances dictated. Which one was real? You ask the wrong question. The spirit of the Fall is real. Like the spirit of an argument can be seen by many viewpoints.

This is coherence: I was born to have the Accounting be accounted for. That there is logic to the unseen world: I have seen, my Lord, the riddles unfold and become plain in their wisdom. Thanks be to God. This is the Theory of Everything: work is magic. For we fail to comprehend what is not of reality. The rules, in our dreaming, in our imagining, the rules may shift and what is impossible in the solidities we can picture in our minds, but at any time, there are rules. No one questions why cause has effect, when one gear turns another, but if we had not any thing to call reality, starting from void, would it be the deepest form of wizardry. To what extent something’s logic affects the world is what makes it real.

Souls can die. I remember in further aid of the casting out of Satan from Heaven, when Satan landed in the underworld, two views of the Devil being blasted into place. Once I was aside from the source of the blast, just saw Lucifer being hit from a beam that was sent by Philip K. Dick (I knew somehow). Then later I was involved in that part. Since I knew it had been Philip K. that had done it, I basically set up a tripod and then called to him to do the deed. When he was about finished, I was about to go myself and give my energy to it, whereupon they said I was not to do such a thing, for Satan would surely have died if I had put my brunt into another blast.

Other than that, I have thought I had killed one or two souls. Permanently. The story at first was that I was rescuing Satan’s daughter from unimaginable pain, so I mentally shot her—before she was born. And I did it twice, for what was to come, and the path not taken. She was then what was foretold, an entity who was dead and giving birth to monsters. She still existed, by what mechanism I am unsure (yet still she moved), but she didn’t have inside her a monad, or what I call “a looking out”, or a zephon (from an angel name that meant the same thing).

The other story, or stories, are even stranger. They had to do with alternate realities that never were, except that two individuals died in trying to save us all. In one scenario, it was Adam and Eve, in another scenario, it was Philip K. Dick and me, and in a third, it was me, twice (this current one would be the third, where I succeeded). The two that died were called the “bleeds”, for how they died in their realities. And this is mystery: Kyrios still has the memories of these which now never happened at all.

Can we believe that all that happens is meant to be? It really seems like it, when I look back in my life and see how it seems to have been so carefully choreographed. Like once when I left my apartment to wander the streets on the exact day when my roommate (I later found out) came back from his trip abroad. There is a line from a pop song by Patty Smyth, The big J said that it was the sum total of all theology, simply, “There are no mistakes in love.” (Which makes that song the greatest pop recording of all time, if this can be believed.) Verily, the hairs on your head are numbered, n’est-ce pas? Everyone is accounted for. There are no cracks to slip through, no soul so lost that Kyrios cannot search them out, and deliver them from their straying.

If in the end all people are saved, what is the point in being Christian? You forget YHVH’s telling Moses on the mountaintop: I am a jealous God. And this is the God of our Savior. Josh the Messiah came to reconcile all people to the LORD (Adonai), so indeed he has collected all the souls that ever have been as to be Jews. Yes, all the Muslims are Jews. Yup, even the neo-Nazis (even the non-neo, as a matter of fact)—they are all Jews. Heh. We are all Chosen, even if it was retroactive (and then having been so from all our beginnings). I saw him do it, like casting a spell, speaking as one expects the Logos to decree: He said it was in his power to have been with everyone, everywhere, for all time (from the Alpha to the Omega). And time is a funny thing.

The Jews, when they were taken captive by Babylon, their God did not die. It was normally thought that when a people were defeated, it meant that their god had been defeated by the victorious people’s god. Not with Judaism. It was, in fact, the last of the worship of idols: the advent of true monotheism for the Jews. In scripture, it is said that God acted through the Babylonians to bring about their fates. (Not that that excused their captors, though.) And as our Savior was said to have told us, “Before Abraham was, I am.” Thus that He was not bound by time. John the Baptist said that from the very stones God could make children of Abraham—and apparently, He did. When our Savior died, the Cause did not end, do you not see? This is, indeed, the way that God works.

And time? Not really my field of expertise, for sure. I have at times seen the future. I think I have, at any rate. I really do have a skeptic’s brain: when stuff like that happens, I wonder if my account of the situation is correct, if it could have been anything else. Is my history revisionist? Did I really see what I thought I saw, before seeing it again in reality? That’s really a side issue, though. I have seen things that happen later in time before the things that happened earlier in time. Pretzel logic. Angels, etc. have dropped in on me well woven through my own singular timeline, in their own order through their own personal timelines. And too, seeing New Jerusalem is to see the end of time.

In the face of the many competing faiths, from all our beginnings and across all lands, we make no compromise. Our God told us his name is “I AM”. In other words, that He exists, and that no other exists besides Him. The unbeliever will say that so many different scenarios exist, they must all be wrong. But that is not the only logical consequence: one could be right and contain all the others in it. That is what this document hopes to do. The Theory of Everything. And I have already written this other version of it: everybody is a Jew. Crazy, right? And yet, that is the expectation of the Messiah, that when he comes, everyone will then be a Jew. As it happened, there had needed no fanfare: Joshua of Nazareth said it, and it was done. I am witness.

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